Zimmerman Septic Services
  a Fort Wayne area family business since 1956

Septic Types

Installation, Service, Recovery and Inspection of all types of septic systems            

Presby System  (New Technology)
  • This is a new system to the Fort Wayne area.
  • System is commonly three special 10" pipes.
  • 90 foot to 100 foot long.
  • By 13 foot to 16 foot wide.
  • Can go above ground like a mound system.
  • For bad soil areas or,
  • In the ground commonly 4"- 12".$
Shallow Trench

  • Our absorption stone-pipe trench system.
  • mostly 10"-18" depth.
  • 80'-100' long.
  • generally 3 to 7 lines.
  • 48" or deeper perimeter drain tile to an outlet.
  • The average life of this system is 20 years.


Mound System
  • A sand mound luered with dirt.
  • Generally 30' wide by,
  • 110 feet long.
  • Generally a perimeter tile 36" depth to outlet.
  • The average life of this system is 20 years.
Discharge Systems

  • Permitted in Allen County,
  • Only for the very small existing home lots.
  • This system is generally the last resort.
  • They are expensive to install.
  • Require a certified maintenance provider yearly.


Aerobic Pretreatment Systems

  • Sludge Hammer.
  • Aero-Tech.
  • Bio Microbics.
  • Pretreatment can result in smaller field size.
  • Recover failed or problem systems.



    Drip Irrigation

    • Systems with pre-treatment.
    • Solely used for small lots of existing homes.
    • This system requires a smaller footprint.
    • Uses 1/2" tubing.
    • 6" deep trenches along the contour.
    • The pre-treatment would be a Puraflo Peat module,
    • Or an Aerobic treatment unit after the septic tank.




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