Installation, Service, Recovery and Inspection of all types

Presby System



This is a new system to the 

Fort Wayne area


System is commonly 3 special 10" pipes, 90' to 100' long,

By 13' to 16' wide


Can go above ground like

a mound system


For bad soil areas or,

In the ground commonly 4"- 12"

Shallow Trench



Our absorption stone-pipe 

trench system


Typically 10"-18" depth.

80'-100' long


Generally 3 to 7 lines.

48" or deeper perimeter

drain tile to an outlet


The average life of this

system is 20 years

Mound System



A Lured sand mound 

with dirt system


Generally 30' wide by,

110 feet long


Generally a perimeter tile

36" depth to outlet


The average life of this

system is 20 years

Discharge Systems



Permitted in Allen County

Only for the very small 

existing home lots


This system is generally 

the last resort


They are expensive to install


Require a certified maintenance provider yearly


NAWT Certified  

Aerobic Pretreatment System



Sludge Hammer, Aero-Tech

Bio Microbics 

Pre-treatment can result in smaller field size


Recover failed or problem systems



Drip Irrigation



Systems with Pretreatment

  Solely used for small lots 

of existing homes


This system requires a 

smaller footprint


Uses 1/2" tubing, 6" deep trenches along the contour

The pretreatment would be a Puraflo Peat module,

or an Aerobic treatment unit after the septic tank.